Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are my occupancy rights?

    As is common with many such projects, residents are licensee occupants. All residents of retirement Estates are protected by SA Government legislation, namely the Retirement Villages Act of 2016:

    • Uninterrupted tenancy for the term of the lease
    • Land title notated in accordance with the Act
    • Occupation is protected over any other claim on the land.

    At all times your financial entitlement is secure. Each unit is individually numbered on the master plan.

  • May I have a short or long term guest?

    Of course, guests are most welcome. Your unit or apartment is your own home. To avoid any possible problems with long term visitors that could disrupt the overall concept of the community there are terms and conditions in your agreement.

  • Are grandchildren permitted to stay overnight or for holidays?

    Yes. Grandchildren are most welcome; however they must be under the resident's supervision at all times in the common areas.

  • Can residents have private family get together for special occasions in the Community Centre?

    Yes. There are some commonsense guidelines that have been set down by management that mutually respect the privacy and dignity of all residents.

  • May I bring my pet?

    If you currently have a pet you may bring them with you to Woodlands Grove. There are some obvious guidelines and written permission must be sought from the management prior to entering the estate. Full details and application forms are available from management.

  • What about Medical Facilities?

    Emergency care support is on-call day and night via an emergency call button located within each unit and/or a pendant that may be worn by the resident if they choose. Also regular doctor clinics are conducted at the Estate. Woodlands Grove is located directly opposite the Mount Gambier Hospital.

  • Is there a monthly fee?

    Most retirement estates, including Woodlands Grove, have a monthly maintenance levy to cover the expenses of running the estate and the services provided. These include upkeep of lawns and general maintenance, building and liability insurance of the common areas and the buildings, all council rates, water rates, emergency services levy and taxes up to the pensioner concession level. This fee is paid each calendar month usually by direct bank transfer.

    Serviced apartment residents also pay a monthly service fee for the additional services provided to their facility; including meals, laundry housekeeping, and linen services.

    Non-pensioners are required to pay any rates over the concessional level.

  • What is the Exit Fee?

    The Exit Fee or sometimes called the Deferred Management Fee is paid on departure from the estate for the ongoing management of the facilities of the estate.

    The Exit Fee is calculated using the formula of 3% of the sale price per annum for each year of occupancy. The fee is capped at 10 years.

  • What about the Maintenance Levy?

    As is the case in all retirement estates, residents contribute to the overall costs of the maintenance and operating the estate. At Woodlands Grove Retirement Estate these costs are apportioned to each residence on an “equal share” basis by way of charge known as the Maintenance Levy.

    This charge covers expenditure such as council and sewerage/water rates, building insurance (but not contents), the upkeep of the Estate's infrastructure (external painting and repairs) and maintaining the gardens of the common areas of the estate, the emergency call system and costs associated with the Estate's bus and administration.