An extensive range of services are readily available for our residents.

Estate Bus

Woodlands Grove bus is available for transport to major shopping areas twice a week, and also excursions organised by staff or committees.


Two doctors visit weekly in our on-site Doctors Clinic.


Chemists deliver prescriptions to your home daily as required.

Garden Maintenance

We encourage residents to maintain their gardens immediately around their limit, however all lawn mowing and edging is carried out for you.

Residents Hobby Shed

Most carpentry and wood turning equipment is available.


Your mail is brought to the community centre’s mail room daily to be sorted by staff and left in your allocated pigeon hole.


Apart from the large chain stores, Woodlands Grove has a very well stocked and managed kiosk for all your incidental needs. Run by the Social Club, the kiosk is open twice a day and at very reasonable prices.

Hairdressing Salon

Enjoy all the facilities and services of a 'city salon' right at your front door. A very popular salon in our community centre and always a hive of activity.

Dining Room

Apart from our two course meals and our “counter meals”, enjoy the luxury of take away dining. As simple as picking up the phone.

Garbage and General Waste

Wheelie bins are collected every Tuesday morning and recycling bins are collected every second Tuesday. Communal green waste bins are also available for your convenience.

Newspaper Delivery

Home delivery of newspapers can be arranged.