Frequently Asked Questions

  • At what age should I move into a retirement village?

    When you decide to move is entirely up to you, but the sentiment most often expressed is “I wish I had done it sooner!” Anyone aged 55 years or older may live in Hallmont Estate.

  • Are grandchildren permitted overnight or for holidays?

    Yes. Grandchildren are most welcome, as are all friends and family. However all guests, adults and children, must be under the Resident’s supervision at all times in any of the common areas and community centre. We ask as a matter of courtesy that you notify management if a guest is coming to stay more than overnight.

  • May I bring my pet?

    If you currently have a pet you may bring them with you to Hallmont Estate. There are some obvious guidelines and written permission must be sought from management prior to moving into the Estate.

  • Is there a monthly fee?

    Hallmont Estate has a monthly Maintenance Levy to cover the expenses of running the Estate and the services and facilities provided. This levy also covers your Council and Water Rates, Emergency Services Levy to the pensioner concession level. Building and Public Liability insurances are also covered, as well as lawn and general maintenance.

  • What other on-going costs will I have to pay?

    You will still need to pay the usual commodity accounts for telephone, electricity and gas usage. It is recommended that you insure your home contents.

  • How can I reserve a home at Hallmont Estate?

    We operate a waiting list to which you can add your name at any time. When a unit becomes available you will be contacted by management to pre-select your unit. You will then be advised of the approximate time frame to when your unit will be available for occupancy. We endeavour to have the purchase of your home at Hallmont Estate coincide with the settlement of the sale of your current home.

  • What other costs are associated with acquiring a home at Hallmont Estate?

    The costs associated with moving into Hallmont Estate are much the same as any purchase of a new home, except there is no Stamp Duty or GST payable due to the structure of the Resident Licence Agreement and Loan Deed. We recommend you consult a Solicitor to explain the terms of the Residents Licence and Loan Deed for your future residency at Hallmont Estate and also discuss with family members.

  • What are my occupancy rights?

    All residents of Retirement Villages are protected by the Retirement Villages Act 2016. The Title to the land on which the Estate is built must carry the notation of a Retirement Village and your occupation is protected over any other claim on the land, so at all times your financial entitlement is secure.

    Your right to live at Hallmont Estate is bound by a Resident Licence Agreement and Loan Deed granting uninterrupted occupancy for the term of the licence; usually 49 years.

  • Can I bequeath my home?

    In the event of your death your home at Hallmont Estate may not be passed on or otherwise bequeathed. The home must be returned to management for resale in accordance with the terms and conditions of your agreement. The proceeds then form part of your deceased estate.

    Please contact us at Hallmont Estate with any other questions you may have.