About Us

Our philosophy is to design and build a property of the highest standard in a beautiful setting for your future here.

At Hallmont Estate Mount Gambier, we focus on creating a village environment, which offers extensive facilities and services together with security, comfort, companionship and peace of mind.

This concept is not new, we have seen the thriving success of many similar retirement lifestyle villages right around Australia and overseas but we have taken what works in other areas and made it into what is known as Hallmont Estate.  This has been done with extensive research of fellow Retirement Estates in Mount Gambier and around the world and adapted the criteria to meet the cultural, commercial and aspirational differences in our own region.

From experience, we know that this style of development has wide appeal because of its truly flexible lifestyle on offer. We set the initial objective to improve the quality of life for the residents of Hallmont Estate. Research shows that people who continue to lead an active life are more likely to enjoy a healthy retirement. 

Our Retirement homes in Mount Gambier are discreetly designed to accommodate aging residents, with style and space equal to or better than properties available in the general real estate market place.

Views over Hallmont Estate

Hallmont Estate can offer as much company as you choose to enjoy. There is always something happening or someone to chat to; an ideal opportunity to meet like-minded residents often forming close friendships. However, when you feel the need for your own company the sanctuary of your home is both private and secure.

At Hallmont Estate Mount Gambier you will find a friendly, relaxed lifestyle that matches your mood. While there are many social opportunities, you as a resident, may enjoy these to whatever degree you prefer. Hallmont Estate offers companionship, be it old friendships renewed or new friendships formed with the facility and ability to mix with others and be motivated to enjoy a fulfilled lifestyle.

So if you’re looking for Retirement homes, in a friendly and safe Retirement Estate in the Limestone Coast then contact us today and see how we can assist your needs.